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Transform your nipples into delicious chocolate...We bet you can't eat just one!
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Nipple Beltbuckles and Necklaces - Oh My!

Hey there, Sexy.

Do you want something fun and just a little risque at your bachelorette party? Add some pizzazz to your party with a unique interactive concept. It is just a little bit naughty for your last night of revelry. Better still you get a souvenir to bring to your loved one--something sweet and sensual from the night before that won't get you in trouble.

Everyone loves a tantalizing chocolate nipple! Therefore we also perform at art shows and events. Shadow screens are available to conceal but not too much. Both men and women have nipples so everyone can join in the fun!

We will come out to events/parties, set up our station in a 10' X 10' area, and create chocolate nipples of your guests. Each person receives a chocolate replica of their own nipple. Each nipple is unique and makes a great sensual gift.

Send Amy an email for pricing and availability of our attendance to your event.

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ChocolateNipple News

11/2008 - We've added our Nipple Beltbuckles and Necklaces - Oh My! They make great christmas gifts!!!

06/2008 - We've added our NIPPLE KITS - yes thats right - Kits that you can use in the privacy of your own home!

What do these nipples look like? kits
11/2007 - We've added our Blogs! Click the link and read all about it!.
We welcome your comments on the blogs. Tell us how much you enjoyed your casting, or what you did with the chocolate,
or how delicious your lover found those bite sized pieces!

Everyone is welcome to add comments and view the information! Take a look!
10/2007 - We had a great time at Fantasy Fest this year.
The crowds were enthusiastic and loved them some chocolate nipples! We were at:
SoDu Gallery at 1100 So. Duval St., Key West, FL 33040
Phone: 305-296-4400   Map of Location
And they were some great people to work with! ff ff

To schedule events or discuss availability please
send Amy an email

Note: We are located in the central florida area near Orlando. Travel beyond a 100 mile radius will require travel expenses as well as our normal fees.

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